Queen Elizabeth, who was taking a stroll in the grounds of Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, along with protection officer Richard Griffin, played a prank on a group of American tourists. Since the 93-year-old monarch was not within the confines of Buckingham Palace or the several other royal castles, she decided to dress down. American tourists bumped into her while strolling around Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The tourists started a conversation with her, asking if she lived nearby — and whether she’d ever met the Queen.

The Queen decided to pull a silent prank on them. The royal member replied that ‘Yes, she did indeed live nearby.’ Then she gestured toward the protection officer and added that while she had never met the queen, “this policeman has.”

It was the protection officer — long-time royal staffer Richard Griffin — who shared the anecdote with the Times of London, New York Post said in their article.

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Instead of donning an expensive gown fitted with priceless gems and jewels, she put on tweeds, Wellington boots and a headscarf as part of her low-key look which is common for the monarch when she stays at Balmoral.