When it comes to feed the little children it is a task. The tiny tots are fussy to eat. Especially when mothers have to leave home for work it becomes tiring. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. If you have heavy breakfast, you are high on energy for the rest of the day. But kids won’t have breakfast like we do. Mothers have to think a lot what they have to make for their kids.

The little children usually like something colourful on their plate. Especially if you present them their food in a creative way, nothing best than that. They will play and eat whatever you give. So presentation of food matters a lot even when it comes to feed the little monsters at home. Now what to make on a daily basis is the question for our adorable mommy’s. (ALSO READ: Nigella Lawson shares some mouth-watering food items snaps on Instagram)

So HooplaKidz Recipes channel have shared on YouTube some amazing quick breakfast ideas that could be made by mothers for their kids. It is not just food but some healthy drink recipes have also been shared. From smoothies to pancake, it’s a sweet yet healthy breakfast ride for kids. This will keep your children stuffed and make them feel energized. (ALSO WATCH: Independence Day 2015: Mouth-watering dishes from 29 States of India)

They have also shown how creatively you could present this fun food to your kids. Do watch the recipes shared and don’t forget to try them at home. Let us know which one you loved the most and would love to make your little one. (Image Credits – Pinterest)