We’ve often seen women being passed over promotions or at times even being asked to leave just because they are pregnant. It’s really a sad state of affairs where women’s productivity is just directly compared to her being able to take care of a baby. Why can a woman not be a mother and a professional at the same time? Why is she always made to choose between her career and her baby? Just because a woman gets pregnant and avails maternity leaves does not mean she is now not interested in work and won’t ever return. She is extremely capable of doing both.

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Why in India we have our labour women who deliver and then are back at the job the next day. And theirs is hard, gruelling labour. While for them it is compulsion as they now have another mouth to feed, why do people in their cushy jobs equate pregnancy with weakness? A pregnant woman is not weak. She won’t suddenly start making mistakes. Being pregnant does not mean she’s suddenly turned stupid. Pregnancy is often looked at as a physical barrier in India – it is not. Agreed, the woman after birth will take an off for a few days to nurse her baby but she will be back. And just because she has a baby now does not mean she will let her work suffer.

If an employee takes a leave due to unavoidable reasons and returns to work, he/she is not thrown out. Pregnancy is nothing that affects work and this advert by Radhika is just to the point.

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