You never know which next thing can woo Twitterati enough to start a thread or viral trend online but going with the daily flow is recommended to stay abreast of the latest events, even if they hold trivial importance to national issues and the brigade was recently joined by actor Rahul Bose‘s tweet after being overcharged for two bananas. Costing him Rs 442.50 that also included GST, after he bought them from a luxury hotel, the actor’s rant triggered a chain reaction of tweeples #RahulBoseMoment.

Taking to their respective Twitter handles, the users recalled moments when they paid a whopping price for an item, in a luxury hotel, that cost way less in general. Apart from sharing their past experience with the now viral hashtag, the users also flooded the micro-blogging site with memes that will leave your sides aching with hilarious references. While one user wrote, “I live in #Bengaluru, I have my Rahul Bose moments everyday. #RahulBoseMoment (sic)”, another shared, “My #RahulBoseMoment is paying Rs.600 for 2 cups of tea (sic)” and yet another tweeted, “My boss has his #RahulBoseMoment when he sign my monthly pay cheque (sic).”

Check Twitteratis #RahulBoseMoment here:

Actor Rahul Bose recently posted a video on Instagram complaining about how one of the luxury hotels charged Rs 442 for two bananas from him. He made a sarcastic video on social media and revealed that he ordered a pair of bananas after working out at a hotel in Chandigarh where he was staying and when he checked the bill, it showed an amount of Rs 442.50 that also included GST.

Bananas were identified under ‘food platter’ on his bill. The actor ranted about the incident in the video and said that those bananas turned out to be ‘too good for him.’ The caption on his video read, “You have to see this to believe it. Who said fruit wasn’t harmful to your existence? Ask the wonderful folks at @JWMarriottChd #goingbananas #howtogetfitandgobroke #potassiumforkings” (sic).