Rahul Gandhi blunder: Gujarat ko doodh kisne diya? Watch video!

It seems Rahul Gandhi is bringing the White Revolution back in full force! White Revolution, powered by Women’s Empowerment.

Something needs to be changed here, probably the script/speech writer for Rahul. Congress, the biggest national political party should have never allow such f**k ups where Rahul makes fun of himself on a National stage. He has been linked to making a lot of blunders before, and this is an additional one.

This RaGa video has been doing rounds on the Internet a lot lately titled Who gives milk in Gujarat (explained by Rahul Gandhi), wherein he asks,Gujarat ko agar kisine khada kiya hai, Gujarat ko Amul kisne diya hai, Gujarat ko kisne dudh diya hai toh iss taraf dekhiyein in mahilaon ne diya hai Gujarat ki mahilaon ne diya hai!”

Ahem! Check out the epic video here.