LOL! It’s time for Pappu again! Looks like Rahul Gandhi’s stupidities and silliness will never really end. While he has been trolled time and again for his statements and his ignorance, he never seems to learn from his mistakes. From confusing entire states (and not like they sounded anything similar either) to asking questions to which he gets answers that are completely contradictory to what he expected, Pappu has seen it all and we have laughed at it all. But this time around, comedian Sorabh Pant of the East India Comedy fame has take things a little further and created a complete new video dedicated to all of Rahul Gandhi’s stupidities in colleges!

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Well, to begin with, Sorabh Pant is angry. Rahul Gandhi is clearly on a comedy tour and the noble son that he is, wishes to spread joy and happiness in every person’s life. No wonder why he keeps cracking these jokes! But then, Sorabh Pant thinks these jokes need be restricted to the aam junta and college kids need not be involved! Like the incident where RG went all geared up to a college and asked the students whether Swachh Bharat was working – clearly expecting a no but the students seemed to have done their homework better than Pappu’s speech writer. He got trolled and the worst part was – when he tried defending his troll to the media. No Pappu, there is a reason the say ‘Silence is Golden’.

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Right from the ‘Steve Jobs of/and the Microsofts’ to the Bihar-Gujarat incident, Rahul Gandhi has goofed up innumerable times during his college visits. Though he too is often dressed in a Grey tee like a certain inspirational someone, he spreads around laughter and silliness rather than knowledge, the antics he does. The real side, or rather the side that all of India wishes stays shut to Rahul Gandhi has been hilariously shown in this video and from being Momma’s little boy to the “46 year old bachelor who still lives with mommy”, this video has all the laughter does you ever need!

Go ahead, take a look at Rahul Gandhi’s Comedy College Tour and we bet, you’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter too!