In a bizarre viral video, a government school teacher can be seen dancing on snake charmer’s tune along with a female teacher in Sayla Tehsil of Rajasthan’s Jalor District. Soon after the video was doing rounds on social media, the school teacher got suspended for performing the popular ‘naagin’ dance during a training program organized for teachers.

The incident took place 10 days ago in Jalore, Rajasthan. According to the reports of the Free Press Journal, there were three teachers who were dancing during a break. One of them is the master trainer who had been sent to conduct the training. A female teacher can be seen swaying to the snake charmer’s tune while others mimic playing a snake charmer’s flute-like instrument. The other two teachers have been issued show-cause notices.

They were having a fun moment and mimicking Sridevi from the 1986 movie, Nagina.

Watch the viral video here:

However, there were teachers in the department who have objected to the suspension order. One teacher said to the Times Of India, “They were just enjoying with other teachers during the break time, what’s vulgar or harmful in this? Can’t a government employee have a good time with colleagues? This is not justified.”

Last year, a similar incident happened when a wedding was called off by a bride when the groom performed the naagin dance in an absolutely drunken state in Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Just before the rituals were to begin, the bride decided to call off her marriage after the groom performed the naagin dance in an absolutely drunken state. The groom’s family and friends tried all sorts of tactics to persuade the bride but she stood by her decision.