Everyone in the Hindi film industry seems to be on a slapping spree! After the much talked episode about Gauhar Khan slapgate fiasco, a struggling actress (friend of Rakhi Sawant) slaps ‘Mumbai Can’t Dance Saala’ director Sachindra Sharma who promised her to give her a role in his film. At the music launch of Rakhi Sawant’s forthcoming film Mumbai Can’t Dance Saala, an actress openly gave a tight slap to the director. It seems like controversy and Rakhi Sawant are inseparable!

According to the actress, the director had promised her a role in the film on ‘certain conditions‘. The actress, who turned out to be Rakhi’s friend, also openly blamed the director for trapping her as a casting couch. The music launch event was going on smoothly until the actress gave a tight slap on Sharma’s face. The director fought back and tried to raise his hand on her when Rakhi Sawant entered into the picture and tried to stop the two.

Casting couch is not something new to ears, as even the sexy siren Vidya Balan shared her experience for the same. Casting couch or just another publicity stunt, we leave it for you to decide.

Watch the full video of Rakhi Sawant’s friend slapping the “Mumbai Can’t Dance Saala’ director Sachindra Sharma below: