ranbir kapoor towel dance video

Move over, Ranbir Kapoor! These elegant towel dancers – naked just like you were in Saawariya in your towel dance – will beat you! They are so graceful, which you also tried to be in Saawariya with the white towel and nothing more to wear. These two dancers try reveal much more than you did, but it’s not cheap. And the way they try to hide there modesty with graceful yet swift dance moves is to be seen to be believed!

This Naked Towel Dance video has received more than 9 lakh views on video sharing site YouTube, and it’s gone viral. It’s amazing how people are being a good audience to this lovely trick dance as well.

Take a look at the Naked Towel Dance video here. And Dear Ranbir Kapoor, maybe you could do this in your next film – it will guarantee you success for sure, post Tamasha with Deepika Padukone!