Although no one in the Bollywood industry talks about casting couch, everybody knows that it exist in the glam world. The newbies and the struggling actors who aspire to make it big in the industry have gone through this dingy experience at some point in their career. This time the Bajirao Mastani actor Ranveer Singh opened up about his casting couch experience.

In an interview Ranveer Singh revealed how this practice is not very openly talked about, but it exists in Bollywood. Every aspiring actor or actress has gone through this experience at some or the other point of time in the industry. Yet, it is quite shocking that no one opens up about it. Ahead of the release of Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer came out to share his first hand real narration of a casting couch incident.(ALSO READ: Ranveer Singh is emotionally vulnerable: Deepika Padukone)

In this video Ranveer is seen sharing his experience how when he was trying to make it big in the industry, a man tried to exploit him. Ranveer revealed that the incident took place in Andheri, where the man called over the actor for some prospective work to discuss, But instead of being interested in the acting caliber, the man was interested in something else.

When Ranveer shared his portfolio, the casting director propositioned him for some sexual favours. The actor was shocked by the the sexual advances of the casting director, rather he was surprised by the audacity of the man who was later negotiating about the same. Watch the video below to know all about the early struggles of Ranveer Singh in Bollywood.