Midnapore: To the shock of villagers in West Bengal’s Ekarukhi, a rare two-headed snake was spotted in the village on Tuesday. The Forest Department, however, was unable to rescue the snake as villagers who believe in the mythical significance of the two heads, didn’t want to hand it over to the department.

Kaustav Chakraborty, a herpetologist, said that the snake could have lived longer as the longevity of such species increases by keeping them in captivity and also added that the life of the snake can also be increased if it is preserved.

“This is totally a biological issue like a human being can have two heads or thumbs similarly this snake has two heads. This doesn’t have to do anything related to mythological belief. The longevity of such species increases by keeping them in captivity. The life span of this snake can be increased if it is preserved,” Kaustav told ANI.

Soma Chakraborty, a zoologist, too backed Kaustav and said that there is no mythological thing in this case.

“This species is also known as Bengal Kharis, Keute and in Hindi, it is called kala naag which is venomous. There are many factors behind the formation of two heads. It might be formed at the time of splitting of the embryo or maybe due to some environmental factors,” said Chakraborty.

Meanwhile, people on the internet have turned the spotting of such a rare snake into a political joke by comparing the reptile with politicians:

In a similar incident, in October this year, the skin of a ‘seven-headed’ snake was found near a temple in Marigowdana Doddi village in Kanakpura, Bengaluru. After the news went viral, hundreds of people rushed to the temple to catch a glimpse of the discarded skin.