Many climatic changes are happening across the world and one such unusual weather phenomenon occurred in Italy.  A few days back a whirling waterspout that turned into tornado lashed the harbor of the Italian coast and created a havoc coastal city of Sanremo in the North-western part of Italy. The incident caused massive damage to the property. There were also many reports of broken windows, falling chimneys and damage to vehicles. Many people who witnessed the unique natural phenomenon recorded the same and uploaded on social media. Snow warning was also issued as there was a dramatic drop in temperatures.

World's Longest Lasting Rainbow Spotted in Taiwan for 9 Hours

World's Longest Lasting Rainbow Spotted in Taiwan for 9 Hours

The dramatic video showcased how the waterspout moved from water to inlands and damaged the roofs and vehicles. As per reports, no one was seriously injured in the unusual weather as the beach was closed before it came towards to coast. Here is the video by a Twitter user. The video showcased a funnel like a spout originating from the water.

Here is another video that was uploaded by the Instagram user and the video showed how the waterspout was rotating and inched towards the shore.

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“The waterspouts seem to be over, but there are large problems on the ground and there remains a situation of great care,” Sanremo mayor Alberto Bancheri told Italian newspaper. A lot of environmental issues are currently going, apart from this swirl turned tornado in Italy, recently some parts of Bali saw eruptions of volcanoes and in India, many parts are ripped by cyclone ockhi. What are your views on these radical change and its effects? Let us know in the comments below.