A white whale which could be a Migaloo has been spotted off the coast of Australia. The fantastic footage shows boats racing across the ocean keeping safe distance while getting close enough to watch what could be a once in a life time animal in its natural habitat.

The footage comes from Mashable’s YouTube page that has a video of Australian tour boats filled with people all on one side to catch a glimpse of the white whale. The Australian authorizes have yet to confirm if the footage is in fact of a Migaloo. The extremely rare white humpback whale was caught on camera off the Queensland coast. [Watch: Race between speedboat and Orca Whales: Watch video

Migaloo stands for ‘white fella’ as named by the Aboriginal Elders is a rare white whale that has been spotted swimming in waters near Australia. The video shows the latest spotting of the apparent Migaloo by Seven News channel helicopter at about 11 am on 10th August, 2015. Do you think it is the the Migaloo in the video below?