Anil Kapoor and Sridevi starrer 1987 blockbuster Mr. India remains an inseparable part of our childhood days. The Shekhar Kapur directed film earned a cult status with all the movie’s characters etched in our memories. But one role which touched our hearts was that of an adorable little girl named Tina. The child actor who played out this beautiful role effortlessly was Huzaan Khodaiji, who has grown into such a fine young woman. The curious Mr. India fans who wish to see how little Tina looks like an adult, this one is for them. The pictures of grown up Huzaan Khodaiji aka Mr. India’s adorable Tina will definitely leave them pleasantly surprised. 11 child artists who made it big in Bollywood.

She was Arun Bhaiya’s (Anil Kapoor) favourite among all the orphan children who stayed like one big happy family. Tina’s death in Mr. India is considered to be one of the emotional scenes in the Hindi cinema and still makes us go misty-eyed. But thirty years after the release of Mr. India, the film’s sweetest character has ditched her cute avatar to grow into a glamorous person.

Remember Arun Bhaiya’s favourite girl, Tina?

tina mrindia

Huzaan who did not grace the silver screen after Mr. India is working with Lintas advertising agency. The 37-year-old in an exclusive interview with Scoopwhoop was quoted saying, “I am so not used to this attention. As soon as I shot for the film, I left for Madras. My parents’ friend was the casting director. I went for the audition and got selected. I did a few advertisements after that. But I get really embarrassed at all the attention I get.”

She is now 37-year-old Huzaan Khodaiji


Television presenter and actress, Shonali Nagrani had once tweeted a selfie with Huzaan Khodaiji in 2016, and the netizens could not control their excitement seeing the little Tina all grown up. Shonali had written, “Remember little Tina from Mr.India. Meet Huzaan Khodaiji. All grown up and still as beautiful inside out.”

Confident, peppy and fun!

Tina Mr India

Huzaan Khodaiji might not have done more films despite receiving an overwhelming response in her solo appearance, but the girl reminisces about her shooting days for Mr. India. She said, “All the crying you saw in the film was real. I was given a big sheet of paper with lots of dialogues and I would start crying. It was that easy to make me cry.”

Living life to the fullest

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The talented woman who is working with one of the country’s top advertising agencies was seen attending the reunion of Mr. India. Other than that, Huzaan’s pictures from personal life – be it travelling or chilling with friends keeps surfacing on the internet. Huzaan Khodaiji remains an all-time favourite in the list of child artistes we have seen in the Bollywood films.