Actress Renuka Shahane once again took to Twitter to enlighten all of us about how it’s truly unfair to look down upon sex workers let alone put them in the same bracket as that of criminals. The actress reacted to a tweet posted by writer, actress and singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. Suchitra wrote in her tweet, “Amma always said, Money is not everything. Even criminals and whores have money. What matters is not money but character and integrity. I truly understand her words only today. Jeez I’ve never felt more proud of my middle class roots.” (sic)

Now, because there’s no stopping Renuka Shahane when she comes to speak about the righteous, the actress, quite gracefully, reacted to Suchitra’s tweet and requested for all women to stand united for each other. She first said, “No disrespect to your Amma @suchitrak but as women let’s try & correct the injustice that our traditions have imposed on whores. We castigated whores while letting off their customers who are leading “respectful” lives! Let’s not put whores & criminals in one bracket at least” (sic), adding “Whores sell what is theirs. Criminals take what is others. Whores are often pushed into their profession due to human trafficking at ages as young as 7. Does any child have the right to say “no” at that age? Whores are pushed into prostitution by people they trust explicitly” (sic).

She went on to talk about the ordeal sex workers face from a very early age in the country. Renuka wrote, “Whores are abused, raped, tortured, drugged, given hormonal injections at a very early age & then raped relentlessly throughout their professional lives. Most of what should be their earnings is taken away by pimps & middlemen or middle women!” (sic) and, “Whores are’nt respected by any social class in our society. Many criminals hold very respectful positions, some even in our Parliament & Industry. Very often it’s because of these whores that our children are safe from sexual predators. They face the brunt of society’s evil” (sic)

Each word that Renuka wrote made sense and Suchitra too agreed to it. In her tweet later, she said, “”Yup good point. Agree with you totally. But if you’ve been following my tweets on #pramodgoenka abduction you’ll see the context I used the word in and for this tweet I love and respect you more than ever. Big hugs. Let’s all keep talking – dialogue and communication is the key.” (sic)

And everything turned merry! This was a perfect example of how a healthy conversation can always make social media a better place to be at. Not every discussion needs to be an argument!