Ever witnessed a reptilian battle? If not, here is your chance to witness the hair raising incident where an Olive Python (Australia’s second largest snake and Western Australia’s largest snake) swallowed an Australian freshwater crocodile whole in one go. Now, GG Wildlife Rescue Inc took to their official Facebook page to share the series of pictures from the incident and it will give you goosebumps. The pictures were captured near Mount Isam Queensland and it has gone viral since then.

However, as per the Live Science report, this is not the first time that a crocodile was swallowed by a python. Earlier, in the year 2005, a Burmese python in Florida’s Everglades National Park was found burst open and dead with American alligator into its capture.

In the pictures, some of them show the snake and the crocodile in the fighting position and some show python swallowing the crocodile slowly.

Sharing the photos, GG Wildlife Rescue Inc wrote, “SSSSssssssssensational Amazing pictures of an olive python Australis 2nd largest snake & Western Australia’s largest having a feed on an Australian freshwater crocodile (crocodylus Johnstoni ) these pictures were taken by Martin Muller while kyaking . Mt Isa Queensland. Wow amazing nature, I love both these creatures & understand the need to eat. (sic)”

Check out the pictures here:

Pythons are non-poisonous in nature and kill their prey by cutting off blood flow to the heart. Yes, they don’t actually suffocate their prey but restrict blood flow to the heart in mere seconds, leading to their death.