Lives of some humans will never be forgotten, such is their aura. And one such person is Havaldar Hangpan Dada of the Assam Regiment who laid his life for the country without a second thought. On Republic Day 2017, President Pranab Mukherjee awarded the Highest Gallantry Award Ashok Chakra to Havaldar Hangpan Dada of the Assam Regiment posthumously. His wife Chasen Lowang Dada received the award at the event on Republic Day in Rajpath, New Delhi. Havaldar Hangpan Dada laid down his life for the country on May 26, 2016, while fighting militants. He was fondly known as Dada.

Dada single-handedly neutralised three terrorists in Shamshbari Range in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. He spotted four militants and blocked the route through which they could possibly escape. He came in close contact with the enemy and shot them dead.

After he killed two of them, he got injured, when he pointed his gun at a terrorist, but they shot him back. When he tried to ignore the injury and stand up, he was shot for the second time. However, he made the sacrifice for the country and was instrumental in killing the terrorists. Talking about Dada, Colonel Manish Aggarwal of the Assam Regiment says, “He was no ordinary soldier, he was exceptional.”

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Laphang Dad, elder brother who resides in Borduria, Arunachal Pradesh fondly remembers Dada mischievous as a young boy. As a child, he had also saved a friend while drowning in a river.