Revolver Rani: Watch why Vir Das calls Kangana Ranaut 'Coco'!

Kangana Ranaut who plays the role of fiery and feisty Alka Singh in Revolver Rani seems to be hitting a home run with this film. Revolver Rani is about Alka Singh who is the rowdy queen of ‘dirty politics’. Tables turn when she falls in love with Rohan (Vir Das), who is a struggling hero. But it isn’t a typical love story.

The romance between them is rowdy and unabashedly sexy. Things are twisted in this love story, as Alka is the man.

Being the rowdy rani she is, the roles are reversed in this relationship. As we know, it’s a ‘Couple thing’ to give each others nicknames. And this hatke couple is no exception.

The dialogue promo has Rohan giving a nickname to Alka. He calls her ‘Coco’, and the reason behind it is that Alka’s nature is just like a ‘coconut’, hard on the outside and real soft on the inside!

To that Alka responds that she will call Rohan ‘Cham Cham’ and being unapologetically brash and overpowering that she is, she adds that there is no stupid logic behind she calling him that!

We don’t know about the nicknames, but this love story seems to be one to watch out for! Watch the Revolver Rani dialogue promo below!