Little act of kindness can take you to places and it’s our duty to extend a helping hand upon seeing someone in need. But even though humans have their own capabilities to take care of themselves anyhow, animals lack this privilege. They rely on human dependency in most problematic situations and humans should understand this without thinking twice. Like this rickshaw puller in Delhi did.

In a viral photo shared on Twitter by a woman who goes by the name Hayat, a rickshaw puller is seen giving a ride to a street dog who is wrapped in a blanket in the freezing cold of the capital. The photo has been shared widely on Twitter with people appreciating the kindness of this man and being considerate towards animals in the brutally cold weather of Delhi. Check out this tweet:

Several Twitter users commented on the post and mentioned how it’s important to help stray dogs and other animals to save them from chills and cold waves running in the entire Northeastern part of the country.

One user even addressed the ‘rickshaw-puller’ as ‘God’ while the other mentioned how the man is often seen giving a ride to the dog in the cold weather.

It doesn’t take time or money to perform such tiny acts of compassion for someone. All you need is a heart that wants to spread cheer and kindness around!