rise against violence

Violence against women is one of the most common social issue prevailing in India. We Indians bow in front of a female deity and but have no second thought before hitting and killing the women in our society. Indian women are brutally raped, hit, killed for dowry, forced into prostitution, girl children are killed at birth and the list goes on. And yet we have the audacity to say that we are religious and honourable people. Read One Billion Rising – Watch Aamir Khan’s video message against domestic violence

Till today there are places in the country where men are believed to be born with the right to be superior. At time this attitude, leads to increasing number of crimes in the country. Most cases of violence against women depict this so-called Indian male mentality. The issue begins at root levels where they are taught that they are stronger than women and hence stands above them.

Here is a beautiful video that gives out a strong message to the lame Indian cult. The short film entitled ‘How much longer before we rise?’ is a part of a campaign ‘Rise’ initiated in Mumbai. It vows to make the city a better place for women by eliminating the violence against women.