Kabir Bedi’s rich baritone compliments the striking visuals with which this trailer begins. But follows thereafter has made us giggle uncontrollably!

What thrilled us?

Kamal Sadanah’s movie looks intriguing and interesting. Man eating tigers need to be eradicated from this beautiful land. But where will the gang of tiger-hunters draw the line without going on a merciless killing spree. The visual effects look slick and stylish with some ferocious tigers shown attacking, killing and of course, ROARing!

We giggled because…

A fair  & lovely tiger looks cute (now isn’t that being racist?) as our normal looking Indian tigers are sidelined conveniently. Tiger in this trailer look trained. Sadly, the actors don’t. Some visuals-including our muscle men and gals in hot pants showcasing their move-made us chuckle even though some sequences sent chills down our collective spine! Watch THE TIGER doing a Singham act-throwing a group of men sideways as it emerges victorious from the huddle, a la Ajay Devgn!

Watch the trailer below!