Rohtak brave-heart sisters emerged as overnight sensation when a video showed them taking on three boys on the bus who allegedly molested them in a moving bus in Haryana. The video was flashed on all leading news channels, they were in limelight and were made into a heroic figure. Followed by this incident on November 28, the guys were arrested who were accused of the alleged molestation on Harayana Roadways bus.

The girls alleged that the boys were blowing kisses at them and throwing slips towards them on which their mobile phone numbers were written. When the girls objected to this, the youth made lewd gestures and passed comments on them. A fellow woman passenger also objected but she was also harassed by the youth.

Other passengers in the bus, including the bus driver and conductor, did not come to rescue or help the two girls. The bus kept moving as the girls were being assaulted. Aarti and Pooja, thrashed the youths even as they were themselves assaulted by them. The girls hit one particular youth with a belt and their hands and legs. “We fought the assaulters all alone. No one came forward to help us as the youth hit us and even pushed us out of the moving bus,” said Aarti and Pooja.

Twitterati came out in full support of the two sisters from Haryana’s Rohtak town took on three molesters in a moving bus but wondered why the other passengers remained mute spectators. The three alleged molesters were later arrested by the Haryana police after the issue was highlighted in the media. The trio were booked for molestation and assault.

The second video that surfaced on the internet featured the same girls, this time thrashing two guys in a park. After the video went viral, the Haryana government steered clear from suspending the driver and the conductor of the bus and also the decision to honour the girls was postponed till the case got over. Later a third video emerged of the father of one of the accused beating him up to feel sorry for the girls. All these incidents put together raised many questions about the conduct of the two sisters.

The two sisters, Aarti and Pooja, have been provided three women constables as their security cover, a senior police officer said. Rohtak district police chief Shashank Anand told media in Rohtak on Wednesday that three women security personnel have been deputed with the sisters for their protection. “The SIT (special investigation team) is looking at all aspects of the case. The sisters have been provided protection,” he said. Anand also advised people not to put objectionable comments against the sisters on social networking sites. Both sisters are being targeted on such sites. ”We have received complaints regarding this (objectionable comments against the sisters). We are investigating and will register a case under the sections of the Cyber Act,” Anand said.

Now a fourth video has come up, which apparently shows the final side of the Rohtak sisters. The video features number of eye witnesses of the peculiar case of the Rohtak brave-hearts and also victim of their wrath. Many serial extortion cases also came to light. Is it just a coincidence or is the law and authority biased in Haryana? It is a distressing fact that the hyped cases like this proceeded and publicized without any investigation.

This video documentation is by journalist Deepika Bhardwaj . The video discloses that the men who were accused of eve-teasing were sent to jail without any investigation. While we may never know the true story of the Rohtak sisters, this video by Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj, in association with The Logical Indian is an eye opener. Watch the YouTube video below.