This year the winter season is really playing havoc in most regions. News of frozen eyelashes, to sheets of ice crashing against the dock, to snow in Texas and Tabuk, there has been really chilly news coming from all over the world. The latest to join the bandwagon is Rome receiving its first snowfall in 6 years and the pictures that have flooded the social media are truly breathtaking and mesmerizing. People on social media have been sharing pictures of the ancient city’s world-famous ruins and the photos are to-die-for. The last time Rome experienced snowfall it was in February 2012.

Snowfalls in European countries is nothing new but remember that the average high temperature in Rome for February is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) and this was the first snowfall that the city witnessed after six years. The pictures that have flooded social media are truly breathtaking and look as if it is straight out of a fairy tale or a fantasy land. The pictures make one remember special effects deployed in movies, but this is prettier than that also. Check out some pictures below. Tabuk in Saudi Arabia Experiences Snowfall, Breathtaking Pictures Throng Social Media

No it is not photoshopped

Breathtakingly beautiful


The Roman Forum

Snowball Fight in progress

Picture perfect, isn’t it?


Snowboards take the place of chariots

Such a pretty sunset

Snow has made Rome look more beautiful

Snow dolls

A bike covered in snow

This dog is so happy frolicking in the snow

What a sight

A sight for sore eyes

Snow makes things look more beautiful

Snow at Colosseum

This year the world has witnessed affects of global warming as the Arctic Circle has experienced a sudden wave of warmth and the United States and Europe are facing extreme temperatures and climate. However, looking at these pictures from Rome definitely makes us happy as they act as a balm for a traveller’s soul.