Manicures are something that every girl loves to do. There was a time when manicures were all about a simple nail paint, filing and cleaning of nails. Now, even it has got artful with different glittery designs. A salon in Moscow, Russia has taken the nail art way too far. The salon nail art comprises of live ants which are placed on the person’s nail and then a backing is applied. The ants are picked up from outside with tweezers and then they are put into the nail. It looks little creepy and no fun at all.

The video which has been shared by the Instagram user named Nail Sunny’s. With around 1.9 million followers, people get engaged in viewing different style of nail art. Sharing the video, he wrote, “No animals were harmed during the making of this video. Ants in the nails – YAY OR NAY? What happened with ants? Look the next video!!!!! They are breathing!!!!!”

Watch the video here:

This is not the first time that insects were used for nail art. Two years ago, women in Mexico were gluing baby scorpions into their nails. Recently, an Australian artist’s video was viral all over the Internet as he uses dead insects to make fossilised nail designs.