The debate over women wearing a dress or a comfortable skirt to the office has been going for a long time. However, most corporate offices around the world require employees to wear formal or semi-formal dresses to work. Now, a Russian company is attempting to break this stereotype with its ‘feminity marathon’ campaign. The company named Tatprof has offered their female employees to cash bonuses for wearing skirts and dresses to work, as per The Independent report.

Women employee of the aluminium manufacturing company who wears dresses or skirts that are no longer than five centimeters from the knee will be given 100 rubbles as bonus additional to their monthly wage.

As per the reports, 60 women in the company has already taken part in the campaign. According to the officials of the firm, it is an attempt to help team bond well and the female staff are required to send a picture to the company in order to be eligible for the bonus.

Tatprof spokesperson told radio station Govorit moskva, “Our team is 70 percent male. These kinds of campaigns help us switch off, rest. This is a great way to unite the team. Many women automatically wear trousers to work, which is why we hope that our campaign will raise our ladies’ awareness.”

However, the campaign by the company has sparked controversy in Russia and on social media for their ‘horrible treatment towards women’.

Despite the criticism, the firm has organised other feminity events for the month of June.

Tatprof was one of the suppliers for Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014 and Fifa World Cup 2018.