Pattaya: A Russian couple was made to issue an apology after they were caught on video having sex on a beach in Thailand, on New Year’s Eve.

On January 1, Russian tourists Roman Grigorenko, 26, and Daria Vinogradova, 19 had been celebrating New Year’s Eve when they left a bar and went to chill by the sea in Pattaya, Thailand. They continued drinking on the beach too until a ‘sudden urge kicked in’ and they had sex for around 30 seconds.

Using the CCTV footage, the couple was identified and police officers used the camera to follow their footsteps to a nearby hotel. The police arrested the pair after tracking them to their hotel and reportedly fined them £125 each, which is the highest fine for the offence.

According to the Bangkok Post, the couple were charged with conducting an embarrassing and pornographic act in public for the daytime beach banging.

During interrogation, they told police they had “felt sexual arousal and because they were intoxicated, lost the awareness of where they were and started to have sex.”

They later issued an apology for any offence they’d caused to locals but added they failed to notice anyone in their immediate vicinity.

“I apologise for offending citizens and harming the reputation of the city. We’re sorry,” Grigorenko said. While issuing the apology, both of them had their faces covered and hands clasped in prayer.