Samara: It’s a common thing for brands and businesses to resort to weird marketing strategies to attract customers. In one such instance, Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia came up with a unique publicity stunt where they offered free fuel to ‘anybody’ who turned up in a bikini.

The condition, however, didn’t state whether the offer was valid on both men and women. Notice the word ‘anybody’! So, while they might be expecting women to show up in their fancy two-pieces, something else happened.

Taking advantage of this gigantic loophole, men thronged the gas station dressed in colourful bikinis and made the maximum use of this generous offer. Because who can let go of free things? The offer lasted only three hours, but both men and women lined up outside the station to avail the free offer.

People present at the gas station immediately captured the moment and the pictures of bikini-clad men filling their gas tanks at the station have now gone viral on the internet. To add to the fun, some men even put on some high-heels to go with their bikinis. Completes the whole look, isn’t it?

Well, the offer certainly brought a lot of attention and publicity for the gas station. However, for the strategists, it’s certainly a valuable lesson on how to be mindful of the loopholes, for the next time!

Will you be willing to do the same for free fuel?