In a surprising incident, a picture of Sai Baba could be seen on the wall of Dwarkamai, Shirdi Sai temple on Wednesday for three hours continuously. The image of Sai Baba was seen at night from 11 pm to 3 am. As per the reports, the Sai Baba image was seen smiling at its followers in the 2×2 feet frame.

After the unusual incident, the temple is open since Wednesday night, and thousands of followers are gathering in the temple to take the blessing from the wall where Sai Baba image had occurred. As per a devotee, Sai Baba himself appeared in the temple. The incident took place just a few days before Sai Baba memorial is about to complete 100 years.

The video of the incident has garnered a lot of attention and is going viral all over the Internet. In the video, the wall where Sai Baba appeared for three hours now can be seen decorated with flowers, garland and other elements that are used during the puja and worship of the god.

The whole incident of Sai Baba followers believing that his image was seen for three hours at Dwarkamai, Shirdi’s Sai temple is astonishing. This is not the first time that the news of a god appearing or drinking milk or water has come out. Such news has made headlines and people have blindly believed it. We still wonder is it the result of spirituality or superstition. The faith in the god is good since it brings positivity around us but blind faith into something is definitely not a good thing. The incident raises the question that are we really progressing or are we still stuck to the point where we wait for a miracle to happen or just blindly believe what we see.