Guess what brings our beloved Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in the news? It is a short video clip, where the 51-year-old actor is caught on the camera tearing a piece of fabric from his jeans and chewing it. The video is now going crazy viral on the social media with hilarious Salman Khan memes flooding the platform. The video was taken from the actor’s upcoming movie Tubelight trailer launch event when Salman is caught indulging in his guilty pleasure, remaining unaware the camera is recording the minutest of details. The loving Bhaijaan continues to be our most relatable superstar who’s cute and bizarre antics just like the one we saw keeps us entertained. Salman Khan’s Iconic Dialogues: From Maine Pyaar Kiya’s friendship rule to the recent Yakeen ek Tubelight ki tarah hai, these dialogues define Bhaijaan.

Salman Khan is a humongous star in the cinema industry, but it is his relatable humble personality that makes him loved by all. We have seen him being humble, literally rolling on the floor at Kapil Sharma’s jokes (let’s not judge his sense of humour) and do things identifiable to the aam janta. But his recent act takes Salman Khan on another level. He pulls out an extra loose thread from his jeans and eats it. And, he does so in the presence of hundreds of flashing cameras at his own film’s trailer launch event. The Tubelight actor may not have realized of his small, harmless act but the video has surfaced and is the right ingredient for meme-makers on the social media.

From hunger pangs during Roza (Ramadan fasts) to edible denims invented by Bhai, this video has turned into super hilarious memes. We’re wondering what would be Salman Khan’s reaction seeing the jokes or would he even remember why he was eating the thread in middle of an event. Well, Salman Khan is definitely making our day brighter with his latest goofy avatar, and we don’t mind till the rib-tickling jokes are flooding the wall.

1. Salman Khan invents Edible Jeans

2. Or, is it Patanjali Jeans?

3. When You’re Too Hungry To Care

4. Hunger Ki Band Bajao By Eating Jeans

5. When You’re High AF

Though we’re not sure if Salman Khan felt better after eating the thread or he continued to famish with hunger. One thing we are confident is that the actor does not care two ounces of what anyone thinks. The King of Box Office is ready with his film, Tubelight to be released on the occasion of Eid on June 25, 2017. The film directed by Kabir Khan is based on the backdrop of 1962 Indo-Sino War and also stars Salman’s younger brother and actor Sohail Khan in the pivotal role.