There is no end to Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om’s bad-mouthing against Salman Khan. Bollywood superstar and popular Bigg Boss host is a favourite target of the fake godman ever since he has been evicted from the house. Om Swami who has been on an interview spree with news channels has made a shockingly offensive remark on the actor, claiming Salman Khan to have AIDS as he has physical relationship with many women! Yes, according to this antaryaami atrangi baba, AIDS is the reason behind Salman Khan’s decision of not getting married. This major WTF moment happened in Swami Om’s latest interview. This man is leaving no stones unturned in making headlines. High time his cheap antics and fictional, derogatory remarks are kept in check. ALSO READ: Swami Om to throw pee on Salman Khan? 6 things discarded Bigg Boss 10 contestant can do to ‘torture’ to Bigg Boss host!

Swami Om is a sick man who is in desperate need of either psychiatric help or is purely attention hungry individual. In his latest outburst against the Bigg Boss 10 host, he crossed all limits when he revealed Salman Khan has AIDS and that is why the actor is not getting married. We have heard his imaginative and far-fetched stories ever since he has been unceremoniously eliminated from the Bigg Boss 10 show.

Speaking to the news anchor, Swami Om said he cures cancer and AIDS patient from a particular medicine which he prepares during Navratri Kanya Pujan. He said he even offered Bigg Boss 10 makers to cure Salman of his AIDS. When the baffled anchor questioned about Salman Khan having the disease, Swami Om got agitated and replied positively. He demanded Salman Khan to get a blood test done and the truth about him having the deadly disease AIDS would be out in the open.

On the one hand, Swami Om made hateful remarks on Salman Khan being an AIDS patient, and he remains unmarried due to it. The highly unstable brained contestant made another contradicting statement saying Salman Khan is already married and that his wedding took place in London. The motormouth Baba also claimed he has a daughter but is not ready to reveal all this to public in India. What, The, F did we just hear in this viral video. It is high time Salman Khan filed a case against this fraudster who is garnering attention by taking his name.

Earlier, Swami Om had made shocking allegations about Salman Khan being an ISI agent. During one of the interviews since his ouster from Bigg Boss 10 house, Swami Om said the Dabangg actor to be friends of terrorists Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar and Abu Salem. After series of nonsense comments, Salman had recently reacted over the lunatic contestant in Weekend Ka Vaar.  Salman Khan said, “Swami has gone out of the house and now, he’s making India crazy. Bawla ho gaya hai woh (He has gone mad).” Looks like Swami Om is avenging Salman’s reaction by making this unflattering and cheap statement of the actor having AIDS!