Salman Khan Kick

Salman Khan is undoubtedly the most honest star one could come across in B-town. After all, which actor starts his movie with a disclaimer like Salman did with KickMere Bare Mein Itna Mat Sochna, Dil Mein Aata Hoon, Samajh Me Nahi (Don’t think too much about me, I can only be loved, not understood). This line is self-explanatory! But like always, we, the ardent fans of Bhaijaan had to watch his movie despite its logic-defying plot. Oh wait, was there a plot in the first place in Kick?

YouTube group Bollywood Sins who are famous for their post-mortem of movies, have produced a video called Plenty Wrong With Kick In 10 Minutes Or So to dissect where the movie went wrong. The Salman Khan-Jacqueline Fernandez starrer serves a repetitive yet hilarious mistakes, oops, screenplay, just like any other Salman Khan movie. Talking about the screenplay, we should just observe two minutes of silence for author Chetan Bhagat who drafted it.

Thanks to Salman Khan, the Founder of Brainless Flicks, Bollywood churns out nonsensical movies one after another and Kick just happens to be an addition to his list. Plenty Wrong With Kick In 10 Minutes Or So rests its case by finding 154 mistakes and calling Kick as Bhai’s Dhoom 3. This number is way less than the actual figure of mistakes we think! But counting the exact number of bloopers of Salman Khan’s movies that are filled with clichés and a similar script is highly impossible. Our verdict on Kick would be that Salman should not be called Devi or Devil but Superhero of Clichés! Watch video below!

Edited by Shweta Parande