A group of well-known celebrities comprising of actors, models, directors, cricketers have come together to pay their respect, tribute and homage to the Indian Army in the best way possible – by scaling one of the most treacherous glaciers in the world – Siachen! Siachen Glacier is the world’s highest battleground and comes under constant threat and is a bone of contention between neighbouring Pakistan and India. Thousands of soldiers are stationed there and the place is always kept under constant vigil. Not the enemy across the border but the weather is the biggest foe here. Bone-chilling winds whip the landscape and avalanches sweep the soldiers into deep crevasses. The harsh sun burns the skin, extreme cold gives frost bite, thin air and sub-zero temperatures can cause extreme depression and lessens life span. But still, our brave soldiers man the boundaries to ensure that we sleep peacefully in our beds at night.

Siachen also known as the ‘Third Pole’ was traversed in April 1981 for the first time by the Indian Army. In a delayed celebration of commemorating this courageous journey Eros Now is launching this ground breaking initiative called – Salute Siachen. Salute Siachen has nine celebrities from different walks of life who have joined force to do what only a highly trained army man can do. This is the first celebrity expedition to Siachen glacier in India. Actors Arjun Rampal, Rannvijay Singh, Arunoday Singh, Sonnalli Seygall (of Pyaar Ka Punchnama fame), filmmaker Shlok Sharma, TV actor Hasan Zaidi, and model Namrata Gujaran, cricketer RP Singh and hockey player Yuvraj Walmiki are the celebrities who are taking part in the expedition. Retracing this arduous journey to the world’s second longest glacier these celebrities underwent a 20-day expedition.

celebs salute siachen

Arjun Rampal shared the trailer on his Twitter profile today. He tweeted, “Something we all are proud we did. For our soldiers #salutesiachen check it out”.

You can watch the trailer here:

Hats off to these celebrities who took up this expedition keeping aside their fears and faced the perils head-on!