Weeks after former Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai actress Shilpa Shinde filed a complaint against the producers Binaifer Kohli and husband Sanjay Kohli, Sameesksha Singh, another actress has shown support against them. Sameeksha who had worked with Binaifer in the show Zaara in 2007 said that she was not paid even after the show ended. Sameeksha also faces issued on the sets and did face financial constraints due to as her payment was held back for five months even after the show ended.

Shilpa had earlier objected to the exclusivity clause in her contract with the producers because she was not allowed to appear in other shows. She quit the show and accused the producers of mentally torturing her. After which she was sued with Rs 12.5 crores for losses. As per Shilpa she the production house owes her Rs 32 lakh. Following she filed a FIR against Sanjay Kohli accusing him of sexual harassment. However, the Kohlis rejected the allegations and filed a defamation case against them.

According to a Hindustan Times report, Sameeksha said, “Binaifer would manipulate the contract. I told her so many times to give me the contract since I had to give it to my chartered accountant. After a few months, she said that the document had got spoilt as some water fell on it, so I should sign a new one. I tried to read this contract [before signing again], but Binaifer said that it was the same contract and that I should just sign it. After a few months, when I saw the document, there was an additional page of clauses that were in her favor.” Shilpa Shinde ex-Angoori Bhabi of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai files sexual harassment case against producer Sanjay Kohli

Sameeksha said that Shilpa did not allow anyone to see the contract thoroughly and would manipulate the papers at the time of signing. Some of the clauses in the contract said that their half-payment would be cut if shooting on a particular day ended early. Like Shilpa, Sameeksha also complained to the Cine and TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) but with no positive response. Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai producers slap a criminal defamation case against Shilpa Shinde!

As per the report, Sameeksha said that Zaara director Pawan Sahu was also abusive and would swear at even child actors. When HT contacted Binaifer Kohli, she said, “Sometimes, when the serial is closing down, the last payment is delayed. That serial was abut 10-11 years ago. She shot with us for two-and-a-half years. I don’t think she has done anything after that. She must be just looking out for publicity. There is nothing to say on this. After 11 years, she is just jumping on to the publicity wagon. The director she’s talking about is now doing Udhaan.”