It is very annoying and even dangerous while you are driving and a huge truck obstacles your view ahead, especially on a single-track or one-lane road. While overtaking these trucks, the driver needs to be extra cautious otherwise a slightest of mistake will lead to an accident with an approaching vehicle. Samsung, the South Korean technology giant, has come up with a solution that can help improve the safety when one is trailing behind these trucks. Also Watch- 3-year-old girl knocked down by cyclist, gets dragged across the footpath!

On a semi-truck, Samsung installed a wireless camera on the front that provides feed to four outdoor monitors placed on the back of the truck. The camera comes with a night mode vision as well. The whole idea is to show the vehicle, particularly small cars, following the truck, the road ahead and thereby help safely overtake the vehicle.

The idea is simple and involves no ground-breaking technology, but if implemented it can help improve road safety on narrow roads that are prone to accidents.