All the foodies and regular viewers of MasterChef can understand the importance that comes with an elimination challenge. In a proud moment for Indian chefs and viewers in a recent episode aired on MasterChef, Australia Chef Saransh Goila was invited to appear with his world-famous Butter Chicken.

Chef Saransh, who is known for his famous Goila Butter Chicken, told GQ, “The guys behind the show tried out my recipe four times before finalising it. I was there a week prior to the episode making and re-making the dish for them. We didn’t go fancy while plating the butter chicken, so it was still presented in a way that is eaten with hand. Everyone was surprised to know that it’s not simply a dish put together using tomatoes, cream and butter, and that my version uses a lot more techniques and ingredients.”

Check it out:

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He further added, “The contestants got two-and-a-half-hours to replicate the dish. One contestant was grilling her chicken but forgot about it, and the grill actually caught fire. It had to be taken outside the set. They also had to think on their feet and figure things like how the onions had to be pickled and the dough fermented.”

On being asked whether the pressures of an elimination challenge were high, he said, “Yes it is! The contestants also had to make roomali roti. Out here, you feel anybody can make it. But there, it was a major pressure point.”

When asked about the ingredients and how the Goila Butter Chicken was special, he said, “I happened to make this accidentally, in a way to actually give something that tastes like butter chicken but does not have chicken, for my vegetarian parents. I introduce smoke directly into the gravy, don’t use any sugar, add kasuri methi, and tweak the Tomato:Dairy ratio (80:20 as opposed to the usual 60:40), so that the flavours are intense and complex without the dish being overly rich and unhealthy. The paneer in the substitute version then becomes secondary, and the gravy comes first. When my friends in Mumbai first ate it when I moved here, they loved it so much that they started a Twitter hashtag: #GoilaButterChicken. This then became my signature dish which I started serving through my outlets and pop-ups, and now will be seen on the epic TV show.”