There’s something about love that’s beautiful and that just makes you want the magic to never end – no matter what your age or situation. Y-Films love shot 4 deals with just the same concept – love in old age or love that just refuses to die! It is absolutely cute and sweet and will make you go ‘awww’ at every moment. Along with giving us a beautiful tale of love, the love shot also brings up some important questions and highlights the plight of lovers universally – not being able to spend time together to battling the society’s moral police. This little love shot is filled with beautiful love gems throughout!

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Y-Films has come up with a series of short stories centred around ‘love’ and call them “love shots”. Each love shot is unique and special and tackles a different theme. While the first three were based on love on a road trip, love between a blind couple and first love in school, this fourth instalment deals with love in old age or love that never dies – no matter what the age of those around it. At times, it is love that keeps you alive and keeps you going. Y-Films has been experimenting with newer genres in the past and trying to reach out to the younger audience. Before Love Shots, Y-Films experimented with Bang Baaja Baaraat with was the most hilarious story of the craziest ever Big Fat Indian wedding.

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This movie opens with an old couple enjoying their time next to the beach and a garden, the point seemingly named ‘scandal point’ as it attracted couples and in the era gone by, was probably the spot where scandals were unearthed. The duo is engaged in a happy banter, listening to old songs and enjoying their cuppa chai when they spot a policeman – the moral guardian of all things “sanskaari” come along. As he approaches them, the duo begins to fidget a bit, wondering if the old couple would be the newest scandal at “Scandal Point”…

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Farida Jalal is at her emotive best and Kulbhushan Kharbanda compliments her perfectly! This sclandalous love story will leave you with a goofy grin, we promise!