June 17: ‘Knock, knock’. ‘Who’s there?’. ‘Giant lizard!’ ‘Giant lizard who?’ ‘Giant lizard who wants to enter your house!’ While this might sound like a failed attempt a Knock Knock joke, it is a pretty scary real-life situation. Ask Attanai Thaiyuanwong from Thailand, because he knows! Thaiyuanwong on Monday posted a video of a giant Godzilla-like lizard which seemed stuck on his front door. It looks like the gargantuan lizard had come knocking on his door, and had tried to enter his house.

The guy was so amused, he started taking pictures of the creature and posted them on his Facebook page. He even shared a live video on his Facebook page, to give the viewers a feel of the size of his not-so-welcome guest. The video shows the lizard stuck to the door and wagging its tail every now and then, as some one tries to catch it with a lasso. It was later came to be known that the lizard was a regular guest at the house and was even given a name by the residents- Selena. ALSO READ: Shocking! Lizard found in Air India AI 111 flight meal, no response from management

The video is terrifying and make one wonder, what they would do if they had to deal with a reptilian guest. It was uploaded by Thaiyuanwong on his Facebook page on June 13, and has since gone viral, with over 3 Lakh views world wide. It has also been shared some 2,000 times and over 4,000 people have reacted on it. Whew! That makes Selena, one hell of a famous lizard, won’t you agree?