A Facebook post from a 14-year-old boy claims that he was given zero in all subjects because he made the grave mistake of asking his school for his fee receipt. According to Avanish Yadav’s Facebook post, the student was given a transfer certificate from Children Senior Secondary School, Belaisa, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh because he asked the school to provide the fee receipt to get a concession from a humanitarian organisation. The young boy shared the picture of his CBSE class 10 online marksheet and shared his horrifying story. Porn in Chemistry? Class 12th science student wrote sexual fantasies in Gujarat board exam answer-sheet

The Facebook post claims that the school intentionally failed him as he had asked for the receipt. Avanish Yadav is the son of a poor farmer and requested his school for the fee receipt to get financial assistance for the education from a humanitarian organisation. However, when he made this request, he was allegedly asked to leave the school and given a Transfer Certificate instead of a fee receipt. The picture of his online marksheet shows that his CGPA was shown as zero and the result stated that he was eligible for improvement of performance (EIOP).

The young boy’s post has gained a lot of attention on the social media as the 14-year-old said that he had lost the battle as the school has failed him in the exams. However, the school claimed that he was given a transfer certificate as his father misbehaved with the school authorities. This incident occurred in 2016 after which various organisations came to aid the boy and made sure that he got to appear for the exams. He was re-admitted into the school and got his exam admit card from the Central Board of Secondary education. However, his result showed that he has got zero marks in total which is very bizarre. CBSE Class 12th Board Results 2017: Stress & wait is longer as Official website cbse.nic.in crashes, but thank god for Twitterati’s sense of humour!

Here is the Facebook post by Avanish Yadav

While the school or board has not confirmed about the incident, the picture of the marksheet clearly shows that the boy has a total grade of 0 which is not very common. The boy blamed the school for taking revenge for the entire fee receipt incident and claimed that he had lost this battle in spite of trying his best to fight the adversities. The CBSE results report is being shared by people who are trying to get to the root of the matter and get answers for the teenager. His Facebook post is full of support as people are trying to console the boy and raising questions on the UP board exams.