A schoolgirl has shamed Starbucks when she tried to buy food for a homeless teenager who was shivering outside when she was told by a barista to “let nature take its course”. The coffee chain which is famous worldwide has quickly responded to her tweet and is trying to investigate the matter. They have apologized to the schoolgirl identified as Amy McIlroy, 14, who wanted to buy a sandwich for the teenage boy sitting outside in the bitter cold. Amy McIlroy said in her tweet that she was “disgusted” and “taken aback” when she was told that it would be better to save her money and let nature take its course by a rude barista. The incident happened in Glasgow, UK.

Amy McIlroy wrote on social media, “so fkn disgusted! @StarbucksUK went in to one of your glasgow branches to get some food for a 16y/o homeless boy who was PHYSICALLY SHAKING from the cold and was told off a worker that id be better “saving my money and letting nature take its course” im at a loss for words.” Her tweet quickly became viral and Starbucks responded to her by asking her for details about the store and the time so that they can investigate the matter further. Oymyakon, World’s Coldest Village Records a Temperature of -62°C Before Breaking the Thermometer

Amy McIlroy’s tweet

Starbucks veiled apology

Amy McIlroy’s kind deed and the rude behaviour of the Starbucks employee became viral in no time and people on Twitter were really incensed about the insensitive attitude displayed by the barista and couldn’t help shame the company for trying to hide behind DM and corporate crap. Sample a few tweets below.

Wonder what the staff training at Starbucks is

Switch to Pret

Wangamama was appreciative of their employee who showed kindness

Stopped going to Starbucks

Starbucks is now on the receiving end of a barrage of customer backlash as many people complained about their heartless employees and their rude behaviors’, bad coffee, high pricing and even blamed them for tax evasion. The cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere is really testing everyone and in such a case when we hear of such unkind and insensitive behaviour it makes our blood boil.