This funny and embarrassing moments’ video from the Southeast Asian Games or SEA Games 2015 in Singapore has gone viral. It shows the swimming competition where not one but two Filipino divers somersault into a zero-point performance! The SEA Games 2015 in Singapore are currently on and people are keenly watching the performances. This viral video is of the the Men’s 3-m Springboard event held on Wednesday, June 10, but is being watched on YouTube even after two days.

Divers John Elmerson Fabriga, 21, and John David Pahoyo, 17, had a bad day at work but it seems people are finding their bad landings too funny to ignore! The judges, of course, didn’t spare them either and gave them no points for their attempt.

Fabriga and Pahoyo had no choice but to laugh at themselves, which they are shown doing at the end of the video. Watch the two Filipino divers score zero points for somersaults gone wrong!