Dirty Laundry looks at some of the standout celebs at the recently held music event Coachella 2014. The YouTube show is hosted by Dana and Miriam, who vote the celebs as ‘clever’ or ‘not clever’ based on their fashion sense. Check them out decoding some of the best and worst dressed celebs at Coachella 2014.

Selena Gomez is rocking flowers on her dress, looks really cool, is sporting a funky crop top and also a cut-off underneath and is accessorised from head to toe. She dons a brown hat with big ol’ sunglasses, black boots and what makes her stand out from the rest is the fact that she is sporting a bindi on her forehead, the Hindu inspired funky look. And she is voted the super clever!

The next on the list is Kendall Jenner. She has a great body to pull off any look and looks amazing with the statement necklace. The cowboy boots and long flowy vest adds more panache with her super informal chic look. She has kept her hair simple and has sported funky Raybans. She does carry the look very well.

But there is also another look of hers in which she is wearing a big looped nose ring, which is apparently not a dance safe accessory, so she is voted ‘not clever’ by Dirty Laundry!

Up next is Kylie Jenner with her cut-off shorts and layered look; the punk rock fanny pack is the best part about her whole outfit! And her hat is termed as the all new Pharrell hat! And she is totally voted ‘clever’!

Singer Katy Perry is known for her outlandish and cool fashion sense, but the peasant top and the long skirt made her look like a 50-something woman, claim the hosts! So, she was definitely on the ‘not clever’ side.

Up next is Vanessa Hudgens. She has the longest ever extensions. She’s wearing a unique jumper and accessorises it too much to carry off the look – but it is one of the ultimate hottest looks of Coachella.

And then Beyonce surprises everyone by turning up at Coachella. She looks amazingly chic and seems to be enjoying herself. She gets a thumbs up (and ‘clever’) for it!