Ahmedabad, Jan 26: In what could had been a fatal accident, an Austrian tourist identified as Friedel, fall into a 30-feet well inside the historical Junagarh Fort in Gujarat. Friedel attempted to take a selfie, posing herself against the background of 30-feet well. Unfortunately, her body balance went out of control and she fall inside.

As the tourist slipped into the well, she started screaming with a high pitch. As a result, the passerby were alerted who somehow arranged for a long piece of cloth to pull her back. They fastened their ropes together to create a rope like piece to pull Friedel out. (ALSO READ: Woman shoots herself in head while taking selfie)

Upon rescuing her, locals rushed her to nearby hospital where Friedel was treated for minor injuries she incurred. Her condition is reportedly stable.

The accident of Friedel recalls the death of three girls in Mumbai who fell in the sea while attempting to click a selfie at Bandra reclamation. Government is set to mark certain areas as ‘no selfie zones’ to prevent such fatal accidents. Vigilance will be increased at tourist destinations to avoid to prevent people from taking dangerous selfies.