Shah Rukh Khan has been promoting his latest Bollywood release, Raees on every platform possible. The actor has was the most recent guest on All India Bakchod’s (AIB) Podcast. The Part 1 of AIB Podcast with Shah Rukh Khan was full of entertaining moments as Shah Rukh tried to be politically correct while continuing to be himself, and the Part 2 continues the trend. AIB released the second part of their Podcast with Shah Rukh Khan and it has the Raees actor being an entertaining guest with funny stories of stardom and some very apparent plugs for his brands. The actor was unapologetically himself and won everyone with his humour and intelligence. He openly spoke about his doubts of promoting Raees as a gangster movie and all the demands of his fans. Here are seven highlights from the interview. Shah Rukh Khan’s Hilarious podcast with All India Bakchod: 8 Best moments of SRK with the AIB quartet

When SRK called out the love making scenes in movies!

Shah Rukh Khan on Love Making

Shah Rukh Khan was discussing how movie stars are just like humans when he came to the topic of lovemaking in movies. The actor finally said it out loud that, “Lovemaking in movies is a disgusting lie and we need to change that. It feels like their mouth smells good, i mean, they wake up and start eating each other’s mouth, and it’s very uncomfortable!” The actor also shed light on the fact that he wakes up like all other humans, and looks very ugly!

King Khan turned into  King of Puns!

Shah Rukh Khan puns

Shah Rukh was irked about people criticising him for sitting with his leg on the seat during the train promotion of Raees. The actor had an issue with people judging him for sitting with his feet on a train berth during promotions for Raees. SRK pointed out that most people actually sit like that and how the rexine seat was actually fine with his foot on top. He justified his stand of sitting the way he likes with an intelligent pun, “It’s my berth, right” (It’s my birthright).

Shah Rukh Khan On Baba Siddique hugs in Bandra

Shah Rukh Khan on Baba S

Tanmay Bhat asked Shah Rukh about a very sensitive topic in SRK’s life in Bandra. He asked the actor if he has been embraced by MLA Baba Siddique while walking around bandra, and Shah Rukh replied that he actually enjoyed the hugs. He went on to give a detailed explanation on how “Baba Siddique’s hugs are best when planned” and how he makes a not on the hugs for Eid!

Shah Rukh Khan’s attempt at mimicking Amitabh Bachchan!

SRK “I check my zippers!”

While discussing his tour life with AIB, Shah Rukh shared an inspiring story about a conversation with megastar Amitabh Bachchan. Making an adorable attempt to mimic Big B, SRK revealed that he once asked Amitabh Bachchan, “Amitji, What is the last thought before you enter stage”, to which Amitji replied, “I check my zippers!” SRK went on to share how Big B had continued to give him advice on how to manage the stardom warning him that every move he makes will make him a target for the media!

SRK On his fans and their reviews

Raees fan review

Shah Rukh Khan was very open about the numerous reviews that he got for Raees and also shared how it is frustrating that fans are never satisfied. He shared hilarious stories of when his fans told him that his first Gangster movie, Raees, reminded them of Don and Darr. Shah Rukh went on to express his concerns of how he feels like his entire life is actually an episode of Truman’s show and people making him a massive star was actually their way of pranking him!

Shah Rukh On Working with young actresses

Shah Rukh Khan on working with young girls

Shah Rukh also pointed out how he is one of the few stars who are always criticised for working with younger actresses. The Raees actor went on to point out that there are only young girls in the industry when he said, “I am working with a young girl, because there are only young girls working now. I can’t go and tell them first grow up!” He also pointed out that he cannot tell the director, “Umar dekh k liye karo, Talent chodo.”

SRK On Wax statues and Vandalism

SRK on vandalism

Shah Rukh Khan was speaking about his dislike for the current wax statue at Madame Tussauds and revealed how he wanted to break it in his 2016 release, Fan. Shah Rukh revealed that the authorities of Madame Tussauds did not allow this as it was considered an act of Vandalism, even if it was Shah Rukh Khan doing it to his own statue! He went on to say, “I was shocked because vandalism is so prevalent in our country. We do it to real people!”

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Advice to haters on Twitter

shah rukh khan on abuses

Shah Rukh Khan has become extremely active on Twitter, with his random Q&A sessions with fans and other promotional activities. When AIB asked if he anything on Twitter gets on his nerves, he spoke about this deeply concered issue of how people misspell swear words. “Its ‘u’ beta, not ‘oo’. When you use ‘oo’ it sounds like ‘shoot’” the actor stated. He also said that swear words in all caps really irk him, because it brings out his Delhiwala side!