Expect the unexpected from Shah Rukh Khan. The Bollywood superstar who is busy with promotions of his upcoming movie, Jab Harry Met Sejal keeps revealing layers of wittiness. Shah Rukh, dubbed as the Badshah of Bollywood showed his funny bones when he shut up a dog during an interview with Anupama Chopra, a film critic. Yes, read it right and if you still didn’t believe us, watch the video below. SRK accompanied by Anushka Sharma had a fun-filled, heart-to-heart conversation about acting, Bollywood, and of course their take on love stories. Jab Harry Met Sejal Advance Booking Tickets Priced at Rs 2400: Box Office Collection of Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Looks Super Bright.

Film promotions have become an integral part of any movie in Bollywood. And it only becomes tedious for stars of big-budgeted films like Imtiaz Ali directed Jab Harry Met Sejal. Shah Rukh and Anushka as a part of JHMS promotional tour, dropped in to have a chat with author and movie critic, Anupama Chopra on her YouTube channel, Film Companion. The interview which rang long was presented in two parts and in both the videos, there was an uninvited guest who created quite a disturbance. Yes, a dog.

A dog kept barking at frequent intervals while the interview was taking place in the studio. The first the loud noise was heard, it was Anushka who was answering about what love stories are like or made in Bollywood. The actress stopped midway and blushingly say, ‘he was behaving well when inside’. This prompted viewers to think it was Anushka’s pet dog, a Labrador named DUDE. After some time in the video, it got clarified it was not her dog after it is seen passing in the background. But the four-legged uninvited guest continued to make his presence felt by barking on top of his voice, which continued even in the second part of the interview video.

The funny moment when King Khan shut up the doggie in his own language came while Anupama asked the JHMS pair about how balancing between mushy love story with real. Once again, their pawed friend started with barks, but this time around, Shah Rukh Khan barked in his direction promptly, making both Anushka and Anupama burst in laughter. Anushka quickly reminded him of being a ‘sher’ (lion) as Shah Rukh kept referring to himself the entire chat. A sheepish superstar then made a roaring sound and kept the ladies laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

This was another instance when King of Romance proved why he is called the King of Wit. In the entire interview, from taking potshots on himself to discussing why female character remains a driving force in the success of a romantic tale. He acknowledged the fact that he was shorter in height compared to most of his leading ladies and so on. Shah Rukh Khan made us fall in love with his humility and down to earth persona, and we simply cannot stop loving him.