Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a diverse fan following in India and beyond. His charm has gained Bollywood popularity in far non-Hindi language speaking lands. For long there has been a debate over King Khan being more popular than Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise. Remember, the rumours of Shah Rukh Khan stepping in place of Tom in Bollywood romantic classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – yes the comparisons are that age old. Time and again it has been believed that Shah Rukh is more popular than the Mummy actor abroad and this notion is rightly proven in this video, according to their acting, dancing and social media skills. Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom compared to Sarfraz Ahmed by a Pakistani Fan, slammed hard by King Khan fans from India and Pakistan.

A YouTube channel titled Fomo Daily has a section called ‘For The Win’ in which they pit two superstars against each other, and one of them is declared a winner based on certain parameters. The video sees a battle between Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Hollywood icon Tom Cruise. We see three pairs giving their take on the two actors insanely famous worldwide. There were three segments – social media skills, movie trailers and dancing skills, based on which the panellists adjudged their winner.

It started with the individuals checking out the Twitter account of both actors, firstly Shah Rukh Khan followed by Tom Cruise. They were pleased by 51-year-old’s tweet which was a mix of inspirational, witty and funky statements. But what completely bowled them over was the picture SRK had posted of his adorable young son, AbRam Khan when he ‘had slept on their date’. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s micro-blogging skills did not impress them much as it came across more of a movie promotional platform.

Next segment was that of checking out the stars’ movie trailers. For Shah Rukh Khan, the trailer played out was that of his 2017 film Raees while for Tom Cruise, his 2012 film Jack Reacher was shown. The guys in the studio were completely mesmerized by SRK’s mafia avatar in Raees and overall appeal of the trailer especially the manner in which hundreds of alcohol bottles were rolling on the road. On the other hand, Jack Reacher was impressive but nothing new regarding originality or wow factor.

The last and final segment of the video was to judge Shah Rukh and Tom’s dancing skills. Well, it was always expected for King Khan to run away as the clear winner but found a surprising stiff competition from Tom. The video played to depict Bollywood actor’s dancing skills was Lungi Dance from 2013 film Chennai Express and critics were completely blown away by King Khan’s dancing abilities and overall peppy feel of the song. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’ dance scene from 1983 film Risky Business was played, and it was also quite impressive. But in the end, Shah Rukh Khan clean-swept all the three rounds to be declared the For The Win champion over Tom Cruise.