After trolling the trolls in a spoof video, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan joined hands with his gorgeous Dilwale lady love Kajol to kidnap TVF famed Jeetu. Wait, what did Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol do? But why? Well, they kidnapped him because he thought ‘Kajol SRK ki Jodi is OK’. This hilarious video by the TheViralFeverVideos shows Dilwale and TVFplay come together for ‘Bhaag Jeetu Bhaag – The Jodi Awakens’.

The video started with Jeetu (Jitendra Kumar) casually mentioning that he finds Kajol and Shah Rukh’s pairing as nothing great to his friend Rahul (played by actor Varun Sharma, also in Dilwale). Ironically, all this happens inside a theatre full of King of Romance and Kajol’s fans while watching Dilwale.  What follows next is horrific kidnapping of Jeetu by the agents of this superstar pair. Jeetu is presented before Shah Rukh and Kajol who ‘torture’ the poor guy over his daring act of not finding them as the best pair. ALSO READ: An Open Letter to Dear Shah Rukh Khan Haters.

Dilwale which marked the return of this iconic pair on-screen after a gap of five years is raking moolah at the box office. And looking at Shah Rukh and Kajol in this fun video, you would know just why they are the best pair in this business. They never fail to crack you up in laughter, especially Kajol who is effortlessly charming.

As for SRK, he proves from time to time, that he is not just King of Romance but also a marketing genius. Despite Dilwale facing less friendly situations like tough competition from Bajirao Mastani at the box office to hooliganism shown by few fringe minded group of people, it has passed with flying colours. And a lot of credit goes to Shah Rukh Khan for how well he held the fort against the gruelling storms. Celebrate Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol movie but first watch this absolutely funny video here on TVFplay video website.