Actor Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most loved stars in the history of Indian cinema. Whatever he does leaves a footprint on the hearts of the audience. Even if his films aren’t working, the charm is alive and there’s nothing that can come in between the love his fans have for him. SRK himself has as much love to give to his fans. There’s no moment when he doesn’t make people realise that he loves them with all his heart and soul. He did the same once again.

Shah Rukh is currently in Melbourne to attend the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. The superstar has been honoured with an Excellence in Cinema award at the event. In a video from the event that is currently going viral on social media, SRK is seen shaking a leg with a few kids who have down syndrome. King Khan is seen having fun with the kids on the stage as they dance to the tunes of Ranveer Singh’s Apna Time Ayega. What makes the entire interaction more exciting is SRK’s twerking. The actor joins a kid who’s trying to twerk on the stage and does the same. The video will put a smile on your face. Watch it here:

SRK is such a great entertainer. Apart from making the kids feel special, he also entertained the audience by opening his arms the way only he does. SRK performed his signature pose on the stage while dancing on his popular song Chhaiyya Chhaiyya. Watch this:

At IFFM 2019, where he was felicitated with a special award, SRK made many meaningful statements. He said that even though it’s an honour and privilege for him to be receiving an award, he hasn’t been able to understand it yet. The actor said that he never understood how art could be judged for its quality.

“It’s an honour and privilege for me. Awards are odd because to me an art form be judged for its quality, feels counter-intuitive. Art is an expression and cinema is the ability to create emotions and share experiences through stories. To be an actor, is to live to know that each one is a mere illusion. When you are making a movie you can change a lot by changing the angle of the light and it strikes you that life is a lot like that as well. It’s the simple things that can alter your journey and pondering makes your story worth telling,” he explained.