Shah Rukh Khan's fans make new Raees teaser as tribute to their favourite star! (Watch)

We know you found Shah Rukh Khan absolutely killer in the Raees teaser released a while ago – on July 16, to be precise. But you will love this Raees fan made teaser even more! Shah Rukh himself had tweeted this teaser made by his fans – so impressed was he with it. This new Raees teaser features Shah Rukh Khan played by a fan, and he really kills it.

This video is created by Fun Circle Entertainment. The amount of cigarette packets this Raees tribute teaser has makes it feel like it’s carrying an anti-smoking message. If that was the intention, it’s not clear. All we can see is the anti-smoking image on the left top side of the video, which is a disclaimer rather than anything else.

Also, they have added in the beginning that they are not promoting nicotine or any cigarette brand. So, we guess, it is, after all, a tribute to Shah Rukh Khan who is a chainsmoker. (ALSO SEE: Raees first look out! Shah Rukh Khan reveals first official poster of the film!)

However, you guys could watch this Fan Made Raees teaser and tell us what you think of it. You must check it out!