There is no doubt in the fact that Shah Rukh Khan is the wittiest actor of Bollywood. His charisma and on screen persona coupled with his intelligence and wit leaves almost everyone flabbergasted. Not once is he caught on the wrong footing. So when AIB (All India Bakchod) came to him for a podcast it was destined to be funny and hilarious. Shah Rukh Khan regaled all four of them with his wit and humour and managed to roast them instead of getting himself in a jam. Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya and Gursimran Khamba went to Shah Rukh Khan’s house Mannat for a podcast. It was a laughter riot and Shah Rukh Khan proved once again that he can have an alternate career in standup comedy.

In case you missed the podcast then relax because we have you covered. We’ve filtered down the best moments of the podcast for your perusal because we’re just that nice! As everything that Shah Rukh Khan touches this is also pure gold, it is hilarious but not demeaning, honest and blunt but not brutal and you just can’t keep a straight face while listening to Shah Rukh Khan ‘roasting’ the ‘roasters’. Sometimes it felt that the AIB quartet were the ones who were being grilled and roasted. However, Shah Rukh Khan as always was a great sport and was the star of the show. Here is a list of some of the golden moments from the AIB podcast, check them out below:

1. When Shah Rukh Khan gave AIB a reality check

Tanmay Bhatt confronted Shah Rukh Khan on his promise of asking the AIB quartet to his home to play FIFA. Don’t know what he was expecting as an answer but it wasn’t this – “I’m wondering why today also”, replied King Khan

2. SRK spoke about being in news for no reason at all

Shah Rukh Khan gave the ultimate solution to this problem by saying, “I’ve decided anyone says anything about me- wrong, right, good, bad ugly – I will just go to their house. Because at the end of it all it’s all about a selfie. I’ve decided one day I’ll take 7 days off and take selfies with everyone who has a mouth to speak with or fingers to write with, I will be the most powerful man in this country.”

3. Why Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t do a Meryl Streep at Award functions

Tanmay Bhat mentioned the recent debate why India doesn’t have a Meryl Streep of its own and how journalists put unnecessary pressure on celebrities. Shah Rukh Khan gave a valid justification for his abstaining from commenting on the issue by saying, “Kya hua na is baar Filmfare Award nahi mila…milta toh yahi speech deta. Jab sala award hi nahi milega toh speech kaise dunga”.

4. About the infamous Roast

Shah Rukh Khan did not let go a chance of roasting AIB. He said about the infamous Roast that it was the end of AIB’s career. He further burned the AIB quartet by saying, “The Roast was your ‘Fan’,” taking a dig at himself as well as AIB.

5. About Dancing at weddings

Shah Rukh Khan knows his own sex appeal. When Tanmay Bhat asked him whether he feels weird being the one to steal the spotlight away from the bride and groom, Shah Rukh Khan replied, “I mean…they should be happy I’m not stealing the bride away.”

6. On why Shah Rukh Khan has never advertised an itch guard or an anti-dandruff shampoo

Shah Rukh Khan revealed the reason for his never done an anti-dandruff or an itch guard add with some amazing humour. He said, “ I find it odd and I’m a little shy. Having to do things like dandruff on my shoulder and all is awkward for me. I always say, “look the whole idea of this ad is that this doesn’t happen to me so people will take it because ‘oh it doesn’t happen to SRK because he uses this product’. If you show it happening to me, I’m a regular guy. I’m not a regular guy.”  I’m Shah Rukh Khan. Mujhe daad, khaaj, khujli nahi hoti.”

7. Demonetisation Effect

AIB asked this much talked about development to the King Khan whether demonetization had any effects on him and we must tell you this got the loudest laugh in response, so much so that Shah Rukh had to wipe tears from his eyes.

Watch the entire podcast here:

The podcast was hilariously funny and made our day. Can’t wait for the second installment! Oh and by the way Shah Rukh Khan offered to do a self-scripted wedding show with AIB that has made it to my must watch list. Keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t ditch the AIB the way he did previously.