The much-anticipated magazine cover featuring Bollywood star couple, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput is out. The two had recently done a regal yet hot photoshoot with the Hello! magazine for their November edition. The handsome Padmavati actor posted the picture of the stunning magazine cover on Instagram. Shahid is seen maintaining a serious demeanour as he wraps his arm around his gorgeous wife’s slender waist.  While hubby dearest is looking hot AF in regal attire, it is beautiful Mira Rajput who has wowed us with her ethnic charm and a bewitching smile. And considering this is the first time Mira has faced the camera for a professional photo shoot, we can only imagine where her true potential lies. Shahid Kapoor And Mira Rajput’s First Magazine Cover Is Every Bit Royal.

With their latest step, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput join the bandwagon of Bollywood super couples who graced popular magazine covers. Before Shahid-Mira’s affectionate display, we have seen the A-listed stars with their respective partners such as Shah Rukh Khan with Gauri, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan and Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. Most recently, we had seen Pakistani actor Fawad Khan pose with his wife Sadaf leaving us feel super mushy.

The frenzy over the power couples featuring on the prestigious magazines is unbelievable. Over the years, the fans have shown right kind of excitement and support for these celebrity pairs to do more such photo shoots. The actor couples such as Deepika and Ranveer, Aishwarya and Abhishek or Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra ooze perfection in their photoshoot. Meanwhile, the pairs where one partner not coming from showbiz backgrounds like Shah Rukh Khan and his wife, Gauri, Shahid Kapoor and Mira or Fawad and Sadaf Khan also display crackling chemistry and oodles of awesomeness. Take a look at the pictures of exciting magazine covers featuring our all-time favourite superstar couples.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput


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Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri

Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan People India Magazine

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Harpers Bazaar India magazine

Fawad and Sadaf Khan

Check out this months issue of @hellopakistan with Sadaf and Fawad on the cover! Read their interview covering all you want to know about the new #SFKBridals brand and the family!A post shared by Sadaf Fawad Khan Bridals (@sfkbridals) on

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Deepika Ranveer Singh Vogue

Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra Vogue India magazine

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

Tell us which couple set your heart beating and made you dream of having a romantic photoshoot with your special one. Was it the royal couple Shahid and Mira or Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan with his true love, Gauri or Khiladi Akshay Kumar with his queen of wit, Twinkle Khanna? We also cannot over the young hearts, Alia and Sidharth or Nawab Saif with his Begum Kareena. And, what about Bollywood’s Ram and Leela aka Ranveer and Deepika? Uff, we are completely spoilt for choices with all these good-looking pairs.